School & Corporate Workshops

School Team Building, Corporate Team Building and Bonding with BBros Music Academy.

Have some memorable fun times with your schoolmates. Get your School Teacher to Sing with YOU!

The BBros Music Academy aims to promote the knowledge and empowerment of music in all its forms to anyone through the most effective ways possible. We believe in a holistic outreach, encompassing both entertainment and educational value for corporate sectors and our business partners.

To successfully accomplish this, we have assembled a team of experienced professionals from the industry to share ideas, tricks of music and its business. And to inspire those who dare to dream. All coagulated with the idea of team-bonding, synergy and unleashing your inner Musician!

BBros Music Academy warmly welcomes everyone to pick up an instrument or enhance your music skills at our academy.  With our unique philosophy and strong music sensibility, we assure that you will explore your innate potential.

Discover the music and self!

Our workshops are a unique blend of discovering and learning new skills along with polishing the old ones.  We apply practical lessons and share our knowledge of music, on individual instruments with personal attention.

Team Building and Corporate connections

At our academy, you will travel through various team building techniques and unique challenges which could be solved when you get to know each other better. You also come across various moods and emotions of people whom you work with and your fellow mates.

Creative Live Entertainment (A Music Retreat)
Exclusive live performance at BBros @ The Jam Pad, application of newly acquired skills in front of a live BBros audience, colleagues, family & friends.

– Be a ROCK STAR for a day! Unleash your company’s hidden talents or Schools Hidden Talents!
– Optional professional video production by BBros Music Academy for keepsake (e.g presented at company’s dinner and dance, family day etc)

Collaboration and Originality

Professional song composition, e.g create jingles related to company/product/service. Brainstorm and create a unique music cheer or anthem for your company or business! Beau Allen Authentic Jersey

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