Welcome to BBros Music Academy!

BBros Music Academy’s Theme ‘Learn, Love & Live Music’ is based on the idea of improving the quality of life  by Learning & Enjoying Music.

BBros Music Academy has been growing since 2010. Over the past 2 years our music academy has been teaching music to many students. We have had a glorious past and we want to create even better opportunities for music enthusiasts now.

BBros Music Academy is an interactive, resource for learning how to play the music. The academy is created for those who want to use the musical instruments as medium of communication and express their emotions. Anyone can learn to play other peoples’ Music & Compositions. The goal of our academy is to educate you on how to create your own music & compositions.

We believe in the basics – so the very first lessons reflect a strong learning towards the basics of music. A strong foundation of anything in this world can reach you desirable heights of success, not different in case of music.

Our lessons of music and the way we offer teachings combines interactive musical exercises with a LOT of practice. Some music quizzed, songs and examples used to illustrate the usage of various chords and musical instruments in the making. This effective way to memorizing and learning music will have a deeper impact on the way you progress in music.

You will find a good number of references and videos which will further help you to enhance and take your musical sense to a next level. We offer various tailor-made, intensive and regular courses in music performance and production which includes few highlighters mentioned below –
Music Production

Guitar Performance

Drum Performance

Vocal Artist Development

Bass Performance

Flute Performance

Mouth Organ/Harp Performance

All these instruments or respective courses have been designed in such way that you learn them interactively and effectively.


What led to the foundation of the Academy?

A few years ago we found ourselves in a downfall. We saw many music aspirants learning wrong things in a wrong order, a lot of confusion and eventually slow and progress in the wrong direction.  We have been actually imagining an academy that will not only teach the students correctly but also in much fun and interactive and not like other mundane guitar or music classes. “Accha beta, aaj G chord karna hai, Okay? And you respond, Okay Sir!” Well, we don’t have any offense to those teachers, but there are many of them around who will teach you but too slow – so slow and boring that you might just quit.

Learning of anything must involve fun, interaction and sharing of ideas. And that is why – Bbros Music Academy.


Our Mission

BBros Music Academy inspires people and enhances their cognitive performance and leadership skills by utilizing music with an intense focus on the rich tradition of BBros Studios.


Our Vision

BBros Music Academy exists to nurture and present the next generation to excel and to impact the world through the universal language of music.

BBros Music Academy is also the only music school with live music venues, such as BBros @The JamPad where students get to perform together with their instructors/Co-Musician in front of a live audience every Sunday. Josh Bynes Authentic Jersey

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